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Bio-dome being installed


Bio-domes consist of several concentrically nested domes that are infused with low pressure air to optimize the growth of naturally occurring bio-films. Bio-domes sit on the floor of a lagoon and are completely submerged.As water flows through bio-domes, bottom-to-top, beneficial bacteria effectively reduce biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), total suspended solids (TSS), and ammonia-nitrogen (NH3/NH4+) in waste water lagoons prior to discharge.

Bio Shells in open top pilot tank


Bio-shells utilize the same underlying principles as the bio-domes. The bio-shells were developed as an alternative to bio-domes to be utilized in applications where space is limited and / or lagoon depths are too shallow to accommodate a bio-dome. The half pipe design of the bio-shells can be installed end-to-end, which allows for a more dense installation.